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Shoppers and retailers alike are embracing digital technologies. They expect to be able to access the internet and use their mobile devices in-store and in shopping centres. We Build, Manage and Own ICT infrastructure that Enables Engagement between Consumers, Retailers, Brands and Ecosystem Owners.

  • ICT
  • Connectivity to building
  • Connectivity within building
  • Tenants

Tenants can benefit from using the internal network as well as creating their own wifi network as an additional attraction.

  • Consumers
    • WIFI
      • Aeonova can provide free and paid for WIFI connectivity through a hotspot solution or private VLAN’s for tenants and property owners alike. Through our customisable hotspot portal we can offer free WIFI on behalf of the property owner to the consumers and tenants in flexible options as per the property owners requirements. Costs can be recovered through portal advertising and various other methods.
      • Shopper densities and capacity demands for Wi-Fi are exploding. Legacy WIFI networks can’t keep up with this trend and cannot provide analytics into the behaviour of shoppers and restrict the delivery of value added services to shoppers. We deliver a new cost effective 802.11ac Wi-Fi infrastructure that provides pervasive coverage and gigabit-class performance to shoppers and tenants alike across all areas of the shopping mall.
      • Our Wireless Solution will provide:
    • Stronger Wi-Fi signals at longer ranges
    • Automatically adaptation to changing environmental conditions
    • Access to more concurrent users per access point
    • A highly scalable and centralized management solution




Our access points will be discretely placed all over the mall, from tenant spaces to common area to provide full coverage over the entire mall space.


  • Consumer Analysis

The data analytics allows the user to understand the popular areas in the shopping centre, and can use this information to encourage shoppers to visit areas they might not otherwise have found. Data such as email addresses can be sourced from login details allowing retailers to market directly to their customers.This infrastructure allows and is capable of wireless analytics which include but not limited to:

  • Insight into user behaviour
  • Store or Mall traffic optimization based on real-time and historical analytics
    • Shopper count by zone
    • Time: Length of stay
    • Repeat customers
    • Heat maps
  • On-Site Customer Messaging
  • Shopper Navigation
  • Advertising & Rewards




  • Value Added Services
    • Vouchering
    • Gift Cards / Couponing
    • Ad Serving
    • ParkIQ
      • The solution does not seek to replace the existing ticket and payment function but offers the following economic enhancements for the client:
        • Reduced turnover of parking tickets (as a unit cost)
        • Reduced dependency on pay stations (lower volume = lower specifications)
        • Reduced levels of fraud (e.g. customers gaining free parking by modifying their behaviour)
        • Reduced costs of operations through centralizing all member administration into one location (Hub and Spoke Model)
        • Increased customer intelligence leading to operating efficiencies and greater customer engagement
        • Increased participation of retailers who offer value exchanges in return for increased foot fall
        • New revenue sources (e.g. Online advertising, Pre-Paid Transactions)