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Residential VoIP

A360’s Voice solutions have made staying in touch more affordable while enhancing its capabilities. Our Voice-Over-IP solutions use high speed internet lines to deliver crystal clear calls at a fraction of the price. Not only do you enjoy reduced phone bills thanks to our lower call rates, but you can now receive a level of flexibility like never before.

  • Residential Contracts

With A360’s new VOIP solutions consumers can choose from 3 comprehensive packages with the flexibilty to customize any of them to suit their needs and budget.

R99   – corded phone , line

R199 – corded phone, line, 100 cell mins, 100 land mins

R399 – cordless phone, line, 400 any network mins

  • Month to month

Standard Line  – R55    (voice basic)

Advanced line – R 95     (voice plus)

Mobile user     – R130    (mobile)

  • Devices

Yealink T21 (entry level phone, 2 lines, corded)                    – R950

Yealink W52 (Mid range, cordless, 6 lines)                            – R1450

Yealink T29 (reception phone, 12 lines)                                 – R2500