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Fibre to the home (FTTH) / Residential

Fibre to the Home revolutionizes the way we choose bandwidth providers to access the internet in our homes. With increased internet speeds now possible while still managing to provide greater reliability and stability it is by far the best way to connect to the net.


  • Improved reliability

Copper cables can deteriorate over long distances and are susceptible to theft. Wifi networks can become slower as more users join the network. With fibre these issues are a thing of the past. Whether staying connected via social media or streaming your favourite music and video content, with A360’s FTTH offering better speeds and improved reliability, you never have to miss a thing.


  • Faster

Up till now, the current copper-based access technologies were not only limited in capacity but also in flexibility. Now, Not only do we enjoy lightning fast internet speeds but we also benefit from lower costs thanks to the innovative ways that fibre can be used.


  • Greater choice

A360 FTTH offers us many options regarding speed and quantity and works across providers to offer a range of products for accessing the internet.



  • 5Mbps @   R549-00
  • 10Mbps @ R605-00
  • 20Mbps @ R725-00
  • 50mbps @ R899-00

100Mbps@  R1 299-00

Residential Fibre

AEONOVA 360 has complete solutions for all business networking and connectivity needs. Today’s business environment needs ultra-fast internet that can keep up with increasing customer demands. AEONOVA360 understands these needs. We know that speed matters and not just any speed but true, unlimited ultra-fast internet. AEONOVA360 provides Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), tailored to suit …

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Residential VoIP

A360’s Voice solutions have made staying in touch more affordable while enhancing its capabilities. Our Voice-Over-IP solutions use high speed internet lines to deliver crystal clear calls at a fraction of the price. Not only do you enjoy reduced phone bills thanks to our lower call rates, but you can now receive a level of …

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