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Fibre provides a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly technology solution for today’s economy. Carrying no electric current means you can transport unlimited amounts of data and fibre is more resilient to deal with today’s environment and weather changes better than other broadband options.


The Advantages:

  • Speed: Ultra-fast connectivity for all your internet connectivity needs ranging from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Speed is not compromised even with high demands on your network.
  • Cost: Extreme savings for the end user. Fibre won’t break the bank the same way copper does and keeps your information more secure than other options.
  • Reliability: Clearer reception and signal, higher carrying capacity, and resistance to human and electrical interference means you will always be connected.
  • Bandwidth: Make “the cap” a thing of the past with the higher bandwidth availability that fibre provides. You’ll also eliminate latency issues usually experienced on other broadband options from big up/down loads.


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